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Online-Calculator.com was created as a new project to go along with Online-Stopwatch.com.

The site has been under development since November 2007 - and unfortunately, due to lack of time and resources, very little has changed. It was an idea that seemed good at the time - but was put on hold.

Well, that is all going to change! - It's now possible to give this cool little site the attention it deserves, and get some of the features and ideas we've had over the years, turned into useful tools.

The first step was to improve the "basic calculator". That is done.

We have also created a brand new site! Hope you like it. The best part about this new design...It looks almost identical to the old one! There is now a black bar across the bottom, but apart from that, the menu, the pages, the links, etc, are all the same. The new design was more of a way to help search engines find the site, and for us to make changes easier. It looks the same - but is 100% different behind the scenes.

With the site now ready for the new tools, we will be constantly adding new things from now on - and we hope you find them as useful as the existing calculators.

Please email us if you have any ideas for a new calculator or would like to make any suggestions.



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