Full Screen Patio Calculator

Our Full Screen Patio Calculator is an easy-to-use and convenient online tool for anyone planning to build a patio or other outdoor structure. By simply entering the dimensions of your patio, along with other relevant information such as the type of paving material and the thickness of the base, our calculator can quickly estimate the amount of materials needed for the project, as well as the estimated cost. With its user-friendly interface and clear instructions, our Full Screen Patio Calculator is an invaluable resource for both professional contractors and DIY homeowners alike. Try it out today and start planning your dream patio!

How To Use

Using the Patio Calculator:
  1. Enter the Length and Width of the area you want to cover with Patio.
  2. Enter the size of the Slabs you are going to use - enter their length and width.
  3. The Calculator will now show you: How many slabs you will need. And The Area you are covering.
  4. You will also see a picture of the slabs layout, and any cut slabs used.
  5. The Calculator will round-up the number of slabs needed.
Free and simple to use, we hope you find our Patio Slab Calculator helpful! Close