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Use our amazing Ring Size Conversion Calculator to work out your exact ring size in millimeters or different country equivalent sizes. Its free and simple to use.

Ring Size Conversion Tool

Our Ring Size Conversion Tool is a valuable resource for anyone looking to convert ring sizes between different measurement systems. Whether you're shopping for jewelry online, traveling abroad, or simply curious about how ring sizes differ around the world, our tool makes it easy to convert sizes quickly and accurately.

How to Use:

This really is one of the easiest to use ring size conversion tools online - simply select the unit of measurement you know - and our calculator will automatically reveal the other measurements. It's that simple!

Measure Ring Size!

To measure your ring size, you can follow these steps:
  1. You need a metric ruler! That is a ruler that shows millimeters (mm) - this is the most accurate way to measure ring size!
  2. Use a piece of string or a strip of paper and wrap it around the base of your finger where you plan to wear the ring.
  3. Mark the point where the string or paper overlaps with a pen or marker.
  4. Use the metric ruler to measure the length of the string or paper from the starting point to the marked point in millimeters.
  5. Using our ring size calculator above select "Inside Circumference (mm)"
  6. You will now see the different ring size conversion - such as USA or Europe
  7. Now.. Go try that ring on before you buy! Double-check the size, and make sure it's a comfortable fit.

Remember: Different ring makers use different sizes and may use different sizing systems, so it's always a good idea to confirm the sizing system being used by the specific maker or seller. Additionally, factors like the ring's width, style, and material can affect the fit, so it's important to try on the ring to ensure a comfortable fit before making a purchase.

This is why we take no responsibility for the accuracy of our ring size conversion tool!

Ring Size Conversion Table

US/Canada UK Europe Japan Circumference (mm)
4 H 46.5 7 46.7
4.5 I 47.75 8 48
5 J 49 9 49.3
5.5 K 50.25 10 50.6
6 L 51.5 11 51.9
6.5 M 52.75 12 53.1
7 N 54 13 54.4
7.5 O 55.25 14 55.7
8 P 56.5 15 57
8.5 Q 57.75 16 58.3
9 R 59 17 59.5
9.5 S 60.25 18 60.8
10 T 61.5 19 62.1

Please note that this table is for reference only, and ring sizes can vary depending on the specific manufacturer or seller. It's always a good idea to confirm sizing with the seller or try on the ring to ensure a comfortable fit.

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