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Weight Conversions

Pounds to KG Question!

Sammy wants to buy a bag of candy that weighs 2 pounds.
If 1 pound is equal to 0.45 kilograms, how many kilograms does the bag of candy weigh?

Sammy's bag of candy weighs 0.9 kilograms. To find out, you can use the formula:

Weight in kilograms = Weight in pounds x 0.45

Weight Conversion Table

Kilograms Stones Pounds Ounces
1 kg 0.16 st 2.20 lb 35.27 oz
5 kg 0.79 st 11.02 lb 176.37 oz
10 kg 1.57 st 22.05 lb 352.74 oz
15 kg 2.36 st 33.07 lb 529.11 oz
20 kg 3.15 st 44.09 lb 705.48 oz
25 kg 3.93 st 55.12 lb 881.85 oz
30 kg 4.72 st 66.14 lb 1,058.22 oz
35 kg 5.51 st 77.16 lb 1,234.59 oz
40 kg 6.30 st 88.18 lb 1,410.96 oz
45 kg 7.09 st 99.21 lb 1,587.33 oz

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