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    • Anything else - I'm sure it will be Fine.

The only rules for using Online Calculator and it's files are:

  • Do not remove our backlink - the link at the top or bottom of each of our products should always be left intact. This includes being able to click the link back to our site. You also cannot hide the link. If you are using our files/site - our link must be visible and clickable.
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  • You cannot sell our files. Not on their own anyway. For example... If you sell an online accounts course, and have included the calculator file in with the CD. That is fine. You just cannot sell the calculator file on it's own.

Online-Calculator Accuracy:

One More Thing.. PLEASE...

If you are doing something cool with online-calculator -- please let us know! That includes if you are a famous/big company or just a guy using it to do math homework - it's great to hear how the calculators are being used :-)
This is'nt a must. It would just be nice.

Thanks for supporting online calculator. ;-)

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